Database size increased 10 fold in 7 days

i notices that over the last few days my database size had gone through the roof, what used to be fairly light ~800MB has grown to almost 10GB in the last 7 days.
How can i go about finding whats driving this exponential growth?

Have a look at this for guidance.

It’s quite linear - as if the number of days to keep (purge_keep_days) has been increased or, more likely, you added a new integration(s) 7 days ago and so it is now storing the associated new entities for the first time.

One way round this is to look at the docs provided (link provided by @michaelblight) to decide what to keep in your database and for how long. If you have never touched recorder.yaml, it will be keeping everything for 10 days.

Thanks i didnt add any new integrations however i believe i was able to trace it down to the Frigate Integration generating all this new data.

I’m getting the feeling its saving pictures and clips in the HA database. after turning the frigate integration off the database has stopped growing so that points to the likely culprit, so now i just need to wait until the 10 day mark to see if it purges items as expected.

Will also need to look into the integration to see why its saving all that data in the database as i was not expecting it.

Hello, I seem to have the same problem. What was your conclusion? How did you solve the problem?