Date format in a card


Is there a possibility to correctly format a date on a Lovelace card?
DD / MM / YYYY for example?

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{{ now().strftime("%d-%m-%Y,%H:%M") }}

Sure, but in a card ?

  - entity: input_boolean.presence_marie
  - entity: input_datetime.next_marie_start
  - entity: input_datetime.next_marie_stop
show_header_toggle: false
theme: teal
title: Planification
type: entities
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Creating yet another set of sensors is one way. Maybe there is another.

I wanted to uso that but the switch between the part “now()” for another entity that has the exame same format, doesn’t retrieve any result.

{{ ENTITY.strftime("%d-%m-%Y,%H:%M") }}

ENTITY = a fixed time and date, with the exact format as now()

Would be glad if i could show the dates in the format as shown by Canaletto. But I cant - here I always see dates like this: image
Which obviously is quite frustrating during the first 12 days of each month.
Canalettos view is actually an international standard for the format which does NOT cover the format xx/xx/yyyy

I also want my date format shown in the Lovelace card as dd/mm/yyyy. I also want to use the “date picker” to select the date.

  • where do I put the logic shown above ?
  • does any such logic (to change the date format) upset the “date picker” ?