Date-Time picker?


Hi all, I just started using home assistant and i can’t find a nice way to select datetime.
I’ve seen some examples that use input_select and could work for time but that would be messy when date is included.
I want a simple way to choose when i want an action to start.
Am i missing something obvious or is this not implemented(yet)?


Nope you haven’t missed anything. I think there are a couple of feature requests out there for the same type thing. I’m thinking something generic like a group of one or more digital boxes with up or down arrows next to the group. The number of boxes would be determined based on the max and min values for the sensor. Call it a input_number sensor or something. Just needs to take up less room than the input slider solution.


That would be nice and would have many other uses
But also a calendar + time picker as a separate component would be practical
something like:
or is this too complicated to implement?


Would be nice if it could be extended to use with the Google Calendar component so the calendar displays like a… calendar!


I just created a WIP pull request for this functionality:


there is one like this sine 0.55

I think the post can be closed


Looking for a date/time entry card for lovelace. This card is great, but I need the ability to change dates and times in the interface without rebooting.