Date & Time

How can I verify the date and time in home assistant? I have a smart switch automated to turn off at 23:00. It did go off, however according to the clock on my TV cable box the time was 10:58. So there is a discrepancy and I want to check the time on HA first.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


See the Date & Time senor. You can display the current system time in Lovelace or go to Developer Tools->Template and do:

{{ states("date.time") }}

or if you don’t want to restart, just paste this into the Developer Tools -> Template editor

{{ now() }}

Excellent. That worked. Thank you. Incidentally what does this mean?

{% if is_state(“device_tracker.paulus”, “home”) and
is_state(“device_tracker.anne_therese”, “home”) -%}
You are both home, you silly
{%- else -%}
Anne Therese is at {{ states(“device_tracker.anne_therese”) }}
Paulus is at {{ states(“device_tracker.paulus”) }}
{%- endif %}

Who is “Anne Therese” + “Paullus”

that’s just an example to help you learn templating. Paulus is the creator of HomeAssistant.