Day and night temperature - automate six z-wave thermostats


I’m new with HA so the question might be silly or very easily solved.

I’m looking for how to set temperatures every evening at 10.00 to 2-3 degrees celsicus lower than what they are at 0959. And in the early morning (0400 maybe) raise the temperature 2-3 degrees again.

Another thing, where does this code go, is it typically in automation.yaml or something?

Thanks for helping out, really dig Home Assistant so far :slight_smile:

Hi again,

i’m on my way to something… But I struggle a bit.

How can I call a group of thermostats, say group.thermostats, and adjust temperature with this code snip? It’s working for one entity called But if I use group.thermostats instead of it doesn’t work. Do I have to iterate the group and set temperature some how?

temperature: "{{(state_attr('' , 'temperature')|round(0)) - 2 }}"