Daylight Saving Time issue

Hi all,

I am in New Zealand and it is winter time yet HA still shows the time as GMT +13. It should be GMT +12 and a cant find a way to fix this.

Any ideas?


You don’t describe how you run ha. Bare metal, docker, haos.

What does the machine say the time is?

Also have you restarted ha since daylight savings ended. There is a bug where the time doesn’t sort itself around the change over at daylight savings (both directions)

Sorry, I’m new on this platform.
Im running HAOS superviser on a VM and it performs well.
The issue is that under System - General the only time zone option available is GMT + 13 (Auckland). It should be GMT +12 (Auckland) for this time of year, ie Daylight saving time is not active.

My HA instance has had numerous updates and restarts since this issue became apparent to me and I have read all the posts about restart required etc but this issue is higher level it seems.