DazzBling Outdoor Lights - Colour picker only shows green

Hi folks!

I recently purchase these DazzBling lights for my new place: DazzBling 98ft Outdoor String Lights

I’m having issues picking the colour of these lights from the Home Assistant interface.

Whenever I select a colour, they just go green. Some colour picks give a brighter green, some give a more dim green. In the Tuya app, it works correctly and I can set all different colours.

I assumed it was an HSV vs RGB thing, so logged onto the Tuya IoT portal to check - and device debugs showed that the colour I was attempting to set from home assistant was correct - but the lights themselves were just green.

I’ve tried to search the forums/web with not a whole lot of luck.

I’d assume it was some form of integration issue, but where should I start?


What integration do these use? I don’t see a DazzBling integration?

They are part of the Tuya platform.