DD - Automatic area-based dashboard for desktop, tablet and mobile - V3.7.0

same here :frowning:

There is a fix on github, only review should be done.
For me it’s working


how do you handle the naming of Entities?
The difficulty that I see is the fact that we have two logical structures:

  • by area
  • by entity type

If I name an Entity “Livingroom Ambiente Light” then the “Livingroom” is redundant in the “By-Area” view.
But if I call it “Ambiente Light”, it is good in the “By-Area” view, but in the “by entity type”-view, then I have many “Ambiente Lights” but I do not know which of the many “Ambiente Lights” and do not know, which one is which.

How do you handle it?

I think, ideal would be if in the “by entity type” the Room would be automatically be prefixed.


how to remove it?

Hi Guys,
sorry I’m new.
How can I verify if my Dwain Dashboard is the latest installed? I have 1 sensor tells me that the latest version is 3.5.0. Is that correct? I’m looking for 3.6.0 version.
thanks in advance

It was quiet here for some months. But I’m working on v3.7 behind the scenes. I rewrote 90% of DD to make it a lot faster and fixed a LOT of bugs. To get access to the 3.7 beta version please join my Discord server: Home Assistant Addicts

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Hi guys, not new but I am confused by something. Before updating DD advises to save a copy of Dwains Dashboard (as well as the usual whole of HA backup). How do I do this? I tried Copy/Paste and that did not work.

I am using Studio Code Server so I used the option ‘Download…’ and it seems to have copied it (to a folder on my laptop) but there were a couple questions before it did this and said that DD would be able to write to this folder.

My question is was this just a once of thing or does DD keep writing to this folder everytime I make a change? Or, is this snapshot of my DD now saved as it is right now, and any updates I make will not be written to this folder?

Hey! Does anyone know how to disable new entities by default? DD was great for helping me create my initial dashboard views and populating the various rooms with devices. Now that my dashboards are established though, I’m having trouble keeping them clean of miscellaneous devices and, in particular, new entities. Is there a way to default any new items to disabled until I’ve had a chance to add what I need to the dashboards? I’m running into issues where the underlying entities change (maybe more sensors are added, things are renamed, integrations change, etc) and I get a bunch of spurious entries added to my room views.

I’ve searched through the documentation, forum threads, and config settings with no luck. Is that an option currently? If not, any recommendations on how people usually handle that situation? I have a fairly diverse set of devices, so as integrations are updated, I frequently see new things pop up.


Thank you! It’s much faster now :slight_smile:

:tada: Dwain Dashboard V3.7 RELEASE :tada:

Over the past months, I had poured my heart and soul into rewriting a staggering 70% of the core code of Dwains Dashboard. The changes were profound. The dashboard is now leaner, meaner, and oh-so-much faster. But perhaps the most significant improvement lay in its loading speed. Gone were the days of agonizingly slow load times. With a groundbreaking overhaul, I had managed to slash the initial loading time to mere seconds. And once loaded, the performance was nothing short of stellar, ensuring a smoother and more responsive user experience than ever before.

Please consider a donation :+1:

Beside my love for Dwains Dashboard I also create my own smarthome products

Check out my latest product UltimateSensor Mini which I also launched today :slightly_smiling_face: It measures CO2, temperature, humidity, mmWave with 3 person detection, LUX, NOx, VOC, PM and Microphone + Speaker for Home Assistant Voice :smile:

V3.7.0 Changelog

New Features

  • Dashboard Settings Update : Introduced “Disable show sensor as graph” option, allowing users to opt out from the default sensor graph display.

Major Improvements

  • Significantly Enhanced Loading Speed : A groundbreaking improvement in both the initial loading time and overall dashboard performance, ensuring a smoother and faster user experience.


  • Compatibility : Now fully compatible with Home Assistant 2024.3.
  • Dashboard Performance : Enhanced speed when switching between pages, creating a more responsive navigation experience.
  • Standardization : Transitioned to default Home Assistant cards (tiles, thermostat cards) for a unified look. Originally, when I first created DD 3.0, the specific cards I envisioned weren’t available, leading me to design my own. It seems HA has now incorporated cards remarkably similar to those I designed directly into their platform, so I’ve adopted these standard HA cards for efficiency and consistency.


  • Mobile Usability : Addressed issues with the HA side menu behaving unpredictably on mobile devices, including a gap at the top of pages and the navbar overlaying pop-ups/modals.
  • Icon and Input Handling : Fixed missing icons and issues with loading inputs when editing blueprints.
  • Blueprint and More Page Creation : Resolved bugs preventing the display of newly created blueprints and ‘more pages’.
  • Localization and Naming : Corrected language/translation display issues in house information and cards, as well as irregular area name labelling within pop-ups.
  • House Information Pop-ups : Replaced simple icon + name cards with specific Home Assistant cards tailored to the relevant domain, enhancing detail and clarity.
  • Python SafeLineLoad Error : Successfully resolved an issue related to Python SafeLineLoad, eliminating related errors.
  • Dwains Popups : The Dwains Popups now have the same design as the default HA popups.

I’m sorry if this question has already been answered, but I haven’t found it here yet.

Is it possible to configure the area with the people and switched-on devices? I have some switches that are always on, but I don’t want them to appear in the summary at the top. Thanks.

Yes use ‘exclude from DD’ then DD wont use them but show them.

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You’re the best!! Thank you very much! Keep up the awesome work!

I have an issue, on my tab, “Custom element doesn’t exist: dwains-dashboard-layout”
Smartphone and pc work great.
How, i can solve this?

I am also randomly getting this…
“Custom element doesn’t exist: homepage-card.”
“type: custom:homepage-card”

I have never seen it on my wife’s phone or my PC… Only on an Android phone(S22). I have forced close HA, cleared cache, and rebooted phone. It works for a few days then error comes back and I have to do it all over again.

edit: I just received the error again and updated the text above from error message. This time I force closed HA and cleared cache… working again.

edit2: It’s been a few days and I’ve had this error happen again several more times… Now My wife’s phone is also getting the same error… No problem on PC with Chrome.

I have tried clearing cache, force closing HA and rebooting phone. It will work again for a couple days then I have to try all over again.

DD 3.7
Core 2024.5.3
Supervisor 2024.05.1
Operating System 12.3
Frontend 20240501.1

Android 14

Anyone have any recommendations for something to try?

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