DDNS remote access – issues on some computers

I am using ddns in combination with NGINX to access my HA server. My external port is 8126 and my internal port is 8123. This works consistently fine on my mobile phone (both app & browser) and my private computer. Both on my internal & external network.
On my work computer, however, external access cannot be established. I tried multiple browsers & settings. All browsers result in a timeout, except MS Edge endlessly shows the HA logo with “Data loading…”.
Windows’ diagnostics show the message below. This suggests that the issue is unrelated to my computer, but comes from my HA server, no?
Note: my work computer prevents me to browse to ddns host website like duckdns.org, noip.com, …

Any idea where the problem is, and how this can be resolved?


All that message says is it asked for a response and got none that could easily be the fact it’s ask was never received…
As would be the case if your employer is blocking traffic. And knowing this…

Im almost positive this is also your issue here. You would need a sniffer trace to confirm

Id be blocking you on my network with those nonstandard ports. So I’m not suprised. And if that’s the case you probably won’t be able to make it work from your work network setup that way.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Note that I expect that the company network is not the cause of the issue. When connecting my private computer or mobile to the company network, they continue to connect to HA. If I connect my work computer to any other external network, the issue remains.

So I should try to get some more info with a sniffer. I’ll try to find out how this works :wink:
Thanks for your suggestion.

your work computer is likely locked down, they might force you to use a VPN unless you are inside the corporate network and connected to the domain, and block outbound traffic not going through the VPN… inside corporate network DDNS-Domain might be blacklisted or they have filters to block any unwanted remote site
Also be aware that such restrictions usually come with monitoring, client management solutions like Intune/MEMCM can easily flag your computer when you try to get around corporate restrictions.
installing or running additional software not provided with the corporate client management solution might also get flagged
Mandatory settings usually get restored with GPOs as soon as you connect to the corporate network

Just keep that in mind before you get in trouble with management