Ddns & ssl

Greetings Oracles!

I’m rather new to home assistant so please bear with me. Here i’ll outline my setup and then get to my questions.

My Setup

I have FTTP directly into my netgear orbi router (via ISP issued PPP user/pass)
within my internal network I have my synology NAS for mainly media storage/home streaming but it’s capable of installing addon’s for DNS server, ddns and such great stuff. (running on a reserved static IP)
I also have a dedicated mini PC (blackview) that has Proxmox VM OS (running on a reserved static IP)
Within proxmox I have a VM running a dedicated HAOS machine. (running on a reserved static IP)

As many of you are most likely aware, Netgear only supports their netgear DDNS (via noip) or noip or dyn for ddns.

I have mine setup with the netgear.com ddns and it works as such that yes I can go to myname.mynetgear.com:8006 for proxmox or myname.mynetgear.com:8123 for home assistant web pages.

Currently I have configured google nest, govee2mqtt, mqtt integrations with success and can do my thing with my CCTV & govee lights, thermostats etc and I have a solar install pending with IQ8 microinverters and givenergy battery all to come soon.

The Questions

I see a lot of talk about using duckdns and lets encrypt. Now I would really like to have SSL to securely access my servers away from home, however I’m somewhat confused how best to go about this.

Where would I best define the ddns, and the SSL?

Do they need to be setup within the orbi router, or would I be best off using either the NAS or the blackview VM box for these servers/integrations/configurations?

I would be very interested in any help anyone can offer, I don’t mind making a sensible purchase for a service but if there’s a free option even better.

I’m mostly struggling with which method to use and may need some very simple guidance as to how to implement these things if on the proxmox or HAOS VM as I’m no linux expert, however I learn fairly fast.

One last question, mostly to avoid fresh installs. Just how (now you know my setup) would I best backup all these things, and more importantly restore them if needed?

Many thanks for your time and knowledge in advance! XP

You set it up in the DuckDNS addon and on the DuckDNS website.

You do have to forward ports in your router.