De-Amazonify my Home Assistant (and my digital life)

Ok, I could say thay my HA instance is good enough for the next step. It has it’s own x86 HPC, I cannot access from the open world using Cloudflare tunneling, I have s good set of Lovelace dashboards and plenty of sensors and actuators. It’s even connected to my Alexa satellites.

But I’m not a good fan of GAMMA+OpenAI, so I would like to go further: remove (mostly) all my Amazon devices and plan from my digital life and my home.

But it’s probably harder than it looks I guess (side node, it’s quite scaring to understand how tied we all are to those big tech giants out there). But I think it’s worth the try nonetheless.

Since I’ve to kids at home which extensively use Alexa (even more scaring I would say) the prereq for this project is that the user experience of the HA Voice Assistant system should be as friendly as Amazon is.

Home Assistant is already my unique central control hub. Every sensor and actuator is exposed to Alexa trough HA, not syincing to the vendor’s hubs. Same for Zigbees and MQTT stuff.

  • Creating the new satellites for Voice activated commands - there are many projects here on the community so it doesn’t sound so hard. They must be bluethooth capable too, thou, since we have our analogue audio sources (a turntable, actually) streaming into them

  • Having a custom activation word - in our instance it will be “Casita”

  • Ofc, have a flexible voice-to-command interpreter. I’ve seen a couple of projects out there but they use ChatGPT. But IMHO this is not an option for a true local environment

  • Triggering audio content from my KODI server using voice-activation command.

I’m an old-school fan of physical audio supports, with an enormous collection of CDs (believe it or not :D) that I’ve moved to mp3 in my KODI instance. Having it triggered by voice command and get rid of Amazon Music seems a natural way to go for decluttering my digital life. Doing so in a kid-safe way…well…sounds hard…

So here we go, can you share me your ideas and where/how to start?