Dead and Initializing nodes zwave

I am using 0.76.2 on Raspian.
Aeotec Zwave stick.

This was working in a prior house, I don’t have all the nodes because some were built in switches and stuff and didn’t want to take them out. But I do have lamp modules from the old house.

What does all this mean?

That’s summarised here

  • Dead means the device isn’t responding, either it’s failed, or it has intermittent connectivity to the mesh. You can try following the details in the device’s manual to Wake it and see if that helps.

  • Initializing means that the battery powered device hasn’t Woken yet. Battery powered devices spend almost all their time with the Z-Wave “brain” asleep, so that they consume as little power as possible. They will wake every so often, at an interval you can configure. Generally that’ll be somewhere between once a day and once a week.

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Thanks. So I am trying to remove the dead nodes. I go to Config/Zwave and select the dead node and click remove failed node.

Restart HA, and it is still there. How do I remove it?

Did you read the documentation?

  • Remove Failed Node will remove a failed node from the network. The node needs to be on the controller’s Failed Node List (marked as is_failed: true ), otherwise this command will fail.

Dead means it’s not responding to the controller, it has to be Dead for some time (controlled by OpenZWave) before it’ll be marked failed.

OK it’s been a few weeks but I will wait

If you look in your states page for the main device (zwave.xxxxx) and look in the list of attributes you should see if “is_failed: true” is set. Otherwise if it says “false” then “remove failed node” won’t work.

I’ve noticed that after I remove a failed node the node number is not being reused when adding a new device. HA simply increments the current highest node number and uses that for the new node. This isn’t a problem at the moment, I have plenty of node numbers left available but in the unlikely event that I do reach the maximum node number, will HA then use these gaps in the numbering system it leaves behind?

It’s not just HA. That’s the zwave controller doing it. Once you hit node 232 it will start over and re-use any unused node numbers. Zwave allows a maximum of 232 nodes including the controller.