Dead Gosund Sw5 swtiches

So I’m using bone stock Gosund Wifi switches (NOT flashed) (SW5-V1.2 ) I have about 20 of these in my house and they seem to be slowly dying…Just lost the 3rd one.

The way they die seems to be related to a local power outage. After the power outage, the switch is dead… Button does nothing, press and hold does nothing… No LED… nothing…

If I power cycle the switch on a test bench the LED light with rapidly flash green 3 time in 2 or three bursts for a second or two and then nothing… unresponsive dead switch…

The relay tests at 125 Ohm on the coil side (which is spec)… So I think the relay is probably OK.
(I’ve had a couple of relays fail on Zwave switches)

Anyone else notice that some of these switches have a very high pitched “buzz”. One of the loudest switches was the first to die… the second and third also “buzzed” but not as loud.

Anyone else experience this?
Anyway to bring a dead switch back?