Dead Horse, Whack Whack: Is it possible to read a remote NFS or SMB share on a different host?

Using NodeRED, I’ve been able to peer into the files and folders of my Home Assistant folder structure in order to do things like create a list of files in a folder, or count the number of files in a folder for the purpose of generating random selections, etc.

One function I’ve used this for is to provide a total count of PDF files that are sitting in a folder called “Inbound” which is under a documents folder.

I’d like these files to be on my Unraid NAS share, rather than buried in the Home Assistant folder structure (even though they’re all basically on the same hardware.)

Is there a way, using HA or NodeRED in HA, to read/write an NFS or SMB share that’s outside of the HA host?

mount the share using the ssh & web terminal addon.