Dead zwave nodes

Hey folks - yesterday I went through and excluded my z wave switches from my Homeseer controller, then included them into HomeAssistant. Everything worked ok, but when I went through today and looked at the list, a handful say “dead”.

The switches aren’t dead IRL - any thoughts on why this happens and what I should do about it?

Try ping them. You also may need to go through have zwave recalculate the routes. Do this node by line powered node starting with the ones closest to the controller

Did you keep the same controller in Home Assistant? If so, you would have been better off just letting Home Assistant import all the nodes. That’s a moot point now.

Did the controller stay in the same physical location and same hardware as when you were running HomeSeer?

Did you do all the inclusions in-place, or did you move nodes around after inclusion? If so, you likely need to either let the network heal or perform a manual heal.

Thanks so much both -

Pete - pinging the dead ones fails. They’re all powered by line; should I go to the UI for each → advanced → rebuild? The warning message when I clicked that made me think it would rebuild the whole network, not just that node.

MTerry - I did not keep the same controller. I decided I’d upgrade to Zooz 800 LR and it was’t that much work to exclude and reinclude. The controller is in effectively the same location, although I’ve moved it outside my rack so signal should only be improved. I did all the inclusions in place, and initially they (obviously) worked. The switches still work. How do I try network and/or manual heals?

Also both - please note, these dead switches are near other switches that are working ok…

If they are not responding to a ping and other line powered devices are working ok, the problem is with the device. Does the switch work manually?

First step would be to cycle power on it which usually involves turning the breaker off and see if it comes back online. If not you’ll want to try to factory reset it and reinclude it.