Dealing with devices 'became unavailable'

Hoping someone could give some suggestions for dealing with devices that go unavailable then when they become available again they return their state which triggers automations.

My situation I have a node-red automation that will turn on my theater lights when my Logitech harmony remote turns off. Normally it works great but occasionally I will go into my theater room and find that the lights are on. Digging into the history I found the time where the lights turn on. I look at the logbook and at that time I can see the harmony report going unavailable, then becoming available again 1 second later and then reporting that it ‘turned off’ so I’m 99% sure that is then triggering my automation to run.

Any suggestions on an approach to deal with that would be welcomed. :smiley:

Assuming you’re using “events: state” nodes, they have an option to ignore going to/from unavailable. This will stop them triggering in these situations.

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Thanks I’ll give that a shot!