Debug logging

I have an RFXtrx device (which is working) for my 433 Mhz stuff but I can’t get any debug logging. Am I looking in the right place (the log in the ‘system’ tab of supervisor)?

I have added this to my configuration.yaml and even rebooted, but nothing appears when I press the button on any of my remotes?

    RFXtrx: debug

Anyone got any ideas?

Hi, what do you see in the \config\home-assistant.log file ? Do you have there a log ?

Can I view it in the UI? I installed the SSH plugin, but it’s not accepting connections. And if I try the ‘terminal’ function in the UI, it just says “502 Bad gateway”. So that’s another problem I guess :frowning:

Yes, configuration/logs - “Load Full Home Assistant Log” button

How did I miss that! Ok, I’m getting a lot of noise. 160k entries in about 40 minutes! Could be my RFX picking up on other stuff happening, but man, I don’t know where to start with this!

Perhaps this link could help you on how to understand the debug and how to use the code to send RFXtrx commands.