Debug panel flooded by bogus messages?

I’m getting my head around Node-Red for integrations using HA, and loving it so far. However, The debug panel shows a ton of bogus messages, about 1 per second. It makes troubleshooting with the debug node really difficult.

I’ve double checked that my current HA setup is the only active one on any node, and none of my flows have a debug node active right now. How can I find the source and clear out these messages?

I have this happen when I import someone else flow that has a HA connection. I typically shut down the node-red process and restart it, it goes away after that.

you have to clean-up your configuration panel and delete old/unused components. And I agree with @ William_Rodriguez that you have to shutdown the node-red process and restart to clear your buffers.

Additionally I only use the “current flow”-view for my debugging

FWIW I also paste other people’s code snippets into a disabled Node-Red tab. That way they won’t inadvertently run and cause problems.