Debug Variables in Node Red #variables SOLVED!

Hi guys, I have some variables I would like to debug. In the example above I have a ‘Call Service’ node that I’d like to debug the variable in the DATA field : {“source”:"{{var_tunes}}"}

What do I put in the debug node to see what that variable contains? Thanks

You can put debug nodes anywhere in your flow. In this case, you’d want to place it off the node that calls this node or wherever you are setting the flow variable.

sure, but what do I put to get the value of my variable {{var_tunes}} ? MSG.payload does not give that, complete msg.object does not provide the value in the variable either.

I tried but that did not work either… any ideas?

Actually, you don’t need a debug node at all (sorry, still on my first cup of coffee). Use the Context data tool:


That will give you this screen:

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Thanks for that, but how do I get that populated? I added an inject node and started that but got nothing?

Click the “Refresh” button. That will load the Flow variables.

Ah I missed the minute refresh there - perfect thanks!

For anyone else who hits this issue, you need to click on a node and then hit the small refresh icon in context data!