Debugging the Home Assistant Operating System


I’m trying to follow Debugging the Home Assistant Operating System but getting stuck on the first sentence.

You need set the dev mode on supervisor and enable debug with options. You need also install the Remote debug Add-on from Developer Repository to expose the debug port to Host.

  1. Is “dev mode on supervisor” the same as the development channel?
  2. Does “and enable debug with options” mean ha supervisor options --debug?
  3. Can’t find any Add-on named exactly “Remote debug” in the repo, which Add-on is it the documentation refers to?

I think I tried all combination of channels and debug modes with all the Debug Add-ons installed but nothing seems to work. :slightly_frowning_face: Please point me in the right direction.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t get this to work. But to 1 i think there’s a difference as under developer tools/ info it lists system health dev false. But if anybody can explain how it works that would be great :wink:

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I have exactly the same problem. I’ve found several posts with the same problem but all the links are broken now :frowning:
It seems like port is closed.
ssh: connect to host homeassistant.local port 22222: Connection refused

I have created a PR on the documentation for this also referencing this forum post here:

Bug here:

Hopefully one of the authors or a developer can get this working! I agree with the original posters comments that the first sentence is full of a ton of outdated or just outright incorrect information with no details or steps.