Decent ZigBee LED multicolour bulbs for under £30

Hi all,

I’m looking at all the common ZigBee based LED bulbs out there, but can’t find anything beyond Philips or Ajax Online for under £30 a bulb. Are there really no decent budget options out there?

Keen to see what LED multicolour, ZigBee controlled bulbs you fine people are using.

Not reqlly helpful, but I use the Philips Hue bulbs and I’m more than happy. And taking their lifetime into consideration I don’t think they are that expensive. I have mine for around 7 years now and never had to replace a single one of them.
The colors are decent, they are good repeaters for other zigbee devices in my mesh, can be dimmed really low.

Thanks, good to hear about the shelf life, does make a difference.

Ikea do a 9 colour LED bulb for only £15, you could try one before investing in more.

Thanks, are these ZigBee? I really wish they would mention it in product details to be sure.

Sure is … you can check compatibility with the various Zigbee platforms at this excellent site: