Deceptive Site Ahead Follower By Crash

Hi All,

Fairly new to home assistant, been running HAOS on Raspberry Pi 4 for about month.

I’ve been using the companion app for a couple weeks with no issues. Recently (last day or 2) when logging into HA ( via chrome (on any platofrm, android, windows etc) then I get the following warning:

On browser I can bypass this warning and proceed to log in, no issues. I’ve reported the detection problem to google in the hopes they get it resolved. I’ve confirmed this issue isn’t present on others browsers, Edge for example.

The SSL cert is in place and working as expected.

The problem is, since this issue started I now get the same warning on the companion app. I can still bypass the warning and log in, and I get a glimpse of my dashboard before the app crashes and disappears.

I’ve cleared the cache, data, reinstalled the app and tried on another android device all with the same result.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I’m suffering the same issue, any tips about what should be tweaked to comply?


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Sorry for the delayed response. When you get the deceptive site warning there’s an option to report it as incorrect to google. I submitted one of those reports, explained it was just a link to my HA dashboard and 12 hours later the warning was removed and the app was working again. Hope this helps!

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Thanks!!! I was able to solve it following your tips!