Deciding on new smart plugs that don't go down

I thought i was pretty happy with the TP Kasa KP115 smartplugs. Wifi and not local but ok. Unfortunately they go offline once every month or so. Really not that big a hassle, but still. And the more i get the more often i need to reset them. I’d like to remove that completely if i can.

Should i go zigbee? I do want energy monitoring on them and they should be rated 13amp at least, higher is better even. But the most important thing is they shouldn’t go unavailable on me.


My Zigbee plugs never become unavailable, using Zigbee2MQTT.

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Shelly Plug
16A, Wifi, mqtt.

Note, there is also Shelly Plug S (10A)

or z-wave plugs, which is not internet dependent.
or (if you are in US) Lutron Caseta is not open, expensive, but super reliable and totally worth it.

What plugs do you have if i may ask? No connectivity issues? I guess they are good for expanding your mesh as well.

Interesting, which plug is this? Not to much fan of wifi or shelly motion (only shelly device i have experience with), but i’ll take a look for sure.

Nice one. Yeah i’ve heard about Lutron Caseta. Will take a look.

Shelly Plug is its full name

I have lot of shelly devices and cannot say wrong word about them. But I use them through manually configured mqtt (plus configured devices using http api) so likely avoided all hassle with other ways of controlling them

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Shelly Plug S (10A) and Shelly Plug (16A), Wifi, local (Shelly cloud optional but no must!), stable, reliable, overheat/overpower protection, consumption metering, built-in timers, full HA integration.
Better than any other Wifi / Zigbee plug I’ve come accross so far (I’ve also tried Kasa, Osram, Hue, Innr, Aqara)

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