Deciphering JSON with spaces in keys

I am receiving an MQTT message with like this

/energenie/eTRV/Report/Diagnostics/296 {
        "Motor current below expectation":      false,
        "Motor current always high":    false,
        "Motor taking too long":        false,
        "discrepancy between air and pipe sensors":     false,
        "air sensor out of expected range":     false,
        "pipe sensor out of expected range":    false,
        "low power mode is enabled":    true,
        "no target temperature has been set by host":   false,
        "valve may be sticking":        false,
        "valve exercise was successful":        false,
        "valve exercise was unsuccessful":      false,
        "driver micro has suffered a watchdog reset and needs data refresh":    false,
        "driver micro has suffered a noise reset and needs data refresh":       false,
        "battery voltage has fallen below 2p2V and valve has been opened":      false,
        "request for heat messaging is enabled":        false,
        "request for heat":     false

The spaces in the keys are giving hass some problems decoding. I have tried

      - platform: mqtt
        name: "Office TRV Motor current below expectation"
        state_topic: "/energenie/eTRV/Report/Diagnostics/296"
        value_template: '{{value_json.Motor current below expectation}}'
        payload_on: true
        payload_off: false

But this gives an error

ERROR:homeassistant.bootstrap:The following platforms contain invalid configuration:  binary_sensor.mqtt  (please check your configuration)invalid template (TemplateSyntaxError: expected token 'end of print statement', got 'current') for dictionary value @ data['value_template']. Got '{{value_json.Motor current below expectation}}'. Please check the docs at

I have tried various combination of quotes, and replacing the spaces with \u0032, but haven’t had any success.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Try to replace the spaces with underscores and see if that works, i.e.

value_template: '{{value_json.Motor_current_below_expectation}}'


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This only matches keys with undebars, unfortunately.

Hm, replacing the spaces (or other special characters) with underscores is the solution for the rest of the configuration, i.e a scene name like “scene 1: my favourite” would become scene.scene_1_my_favourite.
Strange that this does not work in your case.


I think it can replace underscores in internal data. but a name with underscores is valid in a JSON string.

So it couldn’t replace the underscores in case I did actually want to match them.

You don’t have to replace the underscores.
Again, unfortunately I don’t know the solution for your example, but - to stay with my scene name example - if you call it e.g. “name: scene 1: this_is_my favourite” (which is a valid name) - it would translate to scene.scene_1_this_is_my_favourite - so “underscore” translates to “underscore, space or colon” (I’m pretty sure that’s not a complete list).
I bet it would be interesting to look at the parser code :wink:


I never managed to get this done with yaml, but with apps, the python json parser manages it easily

import json

    def new_diagnostics(self, entity, attribute, old, new, kwargs):
        obj = json.loads(new)

        if obj["Lounge TRV Motor current below expectation"]:
            self.log("Turning on {}".format(self.mc_below))
            self.set_state(self.mc_below, state = "on")
            self.log("Turning off {}".format(self.mc_below))
            self.set_state(self.mc_below, state = "off")