Deco M5 keeps dropping internet connection

As title says. I have my main Deco connected via wire to my ISP modem, the other 2 satellites are located in close proximity. First one is about 20’ from the main, and the second is about same distance from the first one.
Recently the connection for the wired main will just drop, at that point I lose all wifi from the others. I have hard reset both modem and the main Deco as well as recently (yesterday) updated to the latest firmware on the Deco.
Within about an hour the connection dropped out for wireless on all of them and I no longer am able to connect my laptop, Smart TV, or Firesticks to the mesh network.
I am not running it in AP Mode and have not tried that. I know I have good connection to the main network (wireless to the main modem for the ISP) as well as wired to the modem to my Android TV box.
The all the Deco units have red light indicators on them.
Anyone have any further suggestions as to how to fix this? Not going to be very happy if after a little over 4 months it is junk after paying that kind of money for it.

Probably not the answer you’d want to hear… bought some of the Decos; couldn’t get them to remain stable or work well… returned after 24h in favour of a set of Ubiquiti Unifi FlexHD & now Wifi 6 access points instead.