Deco M5 users

Hello guys!

I’ve recently installed a Hassio setup on a new home network using the mesh routers from TP-Link’s Deco M5. I really like the easy of setup and stability of the network but hate the lack of options to mess with on the iOS native app.

My problem is that it is taking to long to connect to my Hassio DDNS address when connected locally on the WiFi network. If I type the IP address the interface shows up instantaneously.

Has anyone having this problem too?

This issue makes impossible to use the HA iOS native app since it uses the DDNS address to access it.

All ports are forwarded and accessing outside the WiFi network, it works as expected.

Thanks a lot!!

I had same issue last year. I reached out to tp link and dns loop back or whatever isn’t supported. I then switched to ASUS aimesh and no issues since.

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Yep! Still no fix for this… Thanks!

Any fix on this yet @Schneider ?