DeConz - about to chuck it in

So I am about to chuck in DeConz! I was convinced to give it a go after some instability with the Xiaomi plugin, but to be honest I’m finding DeConz worse. I thought I’d post my issues incase anyone can advise before I give up and go back to Xiaomi Gateways…

So in terms of my setup, I have a Conbee 2 in my Pi, then I’ve placed 10 IKEA Smart Plugs around the house as they act as extenders (and I can’t use Philips bulbs to extend).

The IKEA Smart Plugs connect EVERY TIME I restart DeConz so they’re good. My issue is the Xiaomi sensors drop dont consistently reconnect. If I walk around and open every door/window sensor and trigger every motion sensors then most will, but not all. If I dont manually trigger them within 30 minutes of a restart, then they wont reconnect at all unless I repair, or restart the server.

If that’s normal, then it’s not ready enough for me, if that’s not, then what could be the issue. The only thing I have noticed is for some reason most of the devices when I look in VNC dont seem to connect to their nearest IKEA Plus, they all seem to try to reach the Conbee directly. Some do connect to the IKEA though, so again its really inconsistent.

Am I missing something easy, or is it time to give up on it.

Do you use an USB extension cable with your Conbee II stick? If not try, do so.

Yeah I have a 5m extension. I do use Unifi for a router network, but the Conbee is at least 2m away from that

Where were the Xiaomi sensor located when you connected them? I feel like I read somewhere that xiaomi stuff tries to connect to the Moses they were closest to when they were setup even if they are moved. Maybe try to setting them up at the place they will be positioned.

hay bro

dont chuck it in yet

some basic this is my setup

for me i had to add the “A-Male to A-Female Extender Cord”

hang off the wall once I added this everything started playing nice

Thank you, that’s really detailed (and thank you to other replies too).

So to add:

I have a 5m extension, so it’s at least 2m away from the Pi, and same from my Router. I set all devices up in location - I did add a few extra IKEA devices to extend the range, so I’ll try repairing some of them. It’s annoying because when it’s working, the Deconz is definitely better, but at the moment I can’t worry I have to re-pair everything if the servers restarted