deCONZ and Hassio

I purchased the ConBee usb stick and I understand that I need to install deCONZ software to make it work.

I would like to do that on the same raspberry pi that I have my hassio running. Documentation says that I need to " Use community container by Marthoc for your deCONZ needs. It works both as a standalone container as well as with". How can I do that?

I looked around in the forum but I only found people that straggled a lot with it and a few who succeeded with things that I tried and failed. Is there any reliable documentation on this topic?

Unfortunately I was a bit unclear in those details. It uses the same base but you need to use the add-on repo. If you google for marthoc deconz add-on you will find it. It just got accepted upstream as an official add-on so it will soon be even simpler to install.

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Thanks! This made it dead simple… here are the steps I followed, including your suggestion

  1. -> Add-on Store
  2. Add new repository by url (URL:
  3. Click on deCONZ add-on
  4. Read the documentation

In my case, since I’m using conbee, I installed directly and then changed the deconz_device config option, as described in the documentation.

The value in my case was “/dev/ttyUSB0”. To figure this value out go to -> System and click hardware. Take the usb dongle in and out and see how it appears in the hardware configuration.

After all that I just started the add-on and it worked!


Hi all

I just received the Conbee stick and I’m trying to use it with Hassio 0.88.1 and the addon from martoc on Github (I’ve tried also the default one).

I can pair all my devices (mainly Xiaomi Sensor Mijia) with the Deconz app on Windows (USB stick is connected to my PC), but if I try to pair with Phoscon app (both on Windows or connected to my Intel NUC with Hassio), I have no success.

Is there a way to pair with Deconz and restore the configuration on Phoscon app?


if you add devices in phoscon, make sure you hold them verry close to the conbee stick
i also struggled with this the first time, i bought some ikea sensors and osram switches, but when adding in phoscam, i never found those

then i kept them like verry close, 10 cm, and then it synched
after that, you can place it where you want