Deconz and Ikea repeater


I’ve read a lot of thread about the subject but I admit to don’t understand what to do. So I’m goint to start this…so… sorry to bother you…

This is my problem:

I bought an Ikea repeater (see: ikea repeater ) because I need to enlarge my zegbee network. I mainly control xiomi aqara sensor and ikea bulbs via Hassio working on docker and installed on Raspbian stretch via Dale3H script.

As reported elsewhere (see here: and here, here and so on…)
this repeater is working with Home Assistant. But there is something I cannot understand (because I’m really a noob at this…): I tryed several times to pair this tool on Phoscom and on Open Wireless Light Control (2016) but I had no luck!

I read about “vnc access” or other other Deconz software but I can’t find anything like that on the addons configuration page od docs.

Is there any chance to pair this device via deconz addon or I need another installation of piece of software? :worried:

Thanks for your attention! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey. Don’t know if you where able to solve the problem already. I just switched to the Conbee 2 with Deconz and was able to add the IKEA repeater as a light. Just searched for a new light in the phoscon app and pressed the pair button on the IKEA repeater. After a few seconds it appeared as a light.


Dito, like Gummientchen wrote. It works perfect.

Worked for me as well :slight_smile: