deCONZ and Innr SP120, voltage + current missing

I connect my Innr SP120 to my conbee2 deCONZ on a pi3+ with Hassio.
Im only getting power (W) and consumption (kWh), but not Voltage and Current.

The smart plug is setup under the light category in deCONZ.

So im looking for something like

Any idea what steps/settings Im missing?

I mentioned this to you the other day on Discord; a small bug fixed will come with 0.95. Cheers!

oh hello again. Excellent! I just wrote with someone where it does work, but maybe he is running an older version of HA

Yes, I accidentally broke it in 0.94

Are you the creator for the integration with deCONZ to HA?
Well that can happen for the best of us :slight_smile:

Guilty as charged

But I appreciate the work you have done :slight_smile:
I guess the bug where it give a random name to the entity in HA, when you name it correctly in deCONZ also is fixed?

Random name? You mean the phoscon default name or do you mean something else? An example would be nice

in deCONZ, i called the Innr Smartplug “innr_smartplug”.
In HA, it was created as “switch.innr_smartplug”, “sensor.consumption_18” and “sensor.power_18”

Ok, that is a behaviour from deconz. I have it on my list to try to work out a better solution. But that is still some time away

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Hey there! I am pretty new to Home Assistant, but I think it’s totally awesome! :slight_smile:

I had to dig up this thread because I have exactly the same problem as Smus had. I run hassio 0.103.5 on a raspi 3b+ with a conbee 2 stick. Today I installed an innr SP120 and I only get a power and a consumption sensor but no voltage and current one.
One thing that is suspicious though is that voltage and current show up under the power graph (watts) on the dashboard.
So does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here? Thanks! :slight_smile: