Deconz and RFxCOM stopped working together

I recently upgraded to the latest HassOS and Hassio versions and started to see problems with my deconz not being able to see any of my devices- all were unreachable.

I have been trying everything to troubleshoot this: Migrated over to official add-on from Marthoc addon. Reset my conbee stick re paired all my devices. Everything works perfectly until in plug in my RFXCOM in to another usb port. As soon as I do this deconz logs show the stick is constantly trying to connect to the network on reconnect retry cycle.

I have checked that usb ports havent changed when I plug Rfx in.

What would suddenly cause this to happen they have been working perfectly well together for at least a year and more importantly how do I fix it?

This has been a great distraction from my parents being here for an early Christmas holiday but they are going home soon so kinda need to get this sorted. Any ideas gratefully received

Finally managed to fix this by getting a new power supply for the pi. Upgraded to 3v and that has seemed to do the trick. Not sure what caused initial fail