deCONZ - Aqara Opple (6 way) remote for lights

Hi everyone,

how can i use blueprint with cc2531 zigbee2mqtt?

You have to adapt it to what details Z2M provides

Hey man,

Awesome job. My opples will be delivered soon. I want to use 1 opple for my curtains. Is it possible to make this work with curtains open/close % instead of brightness?


Perhaps this will help you: deCONZ - Aqara D1 (1 way) remote for cover

I just don’t know if the event codes correspond to this blueprint, otherwise you could take it over and adjust it yourself :wink:

Tnx. I tried your blueprint yesterday and seem to work ok-ish. Sometimes the lights respond quite slow.

Maybe that’s because of the built-in delay and transition in my yaml code.

Hi, great job. I tried your code and it worked great, but I only have one problem. This feels more as a problem with the Aqara switch but when you hold the button to dim to long you don’t get a x003 Release (after hold) command and the light just continue to dim until max or min. I checked the events responds in HA -> Developer Tools -> Events and I can see that if I hold any button for less then around 5s I receive the x001 Hold and then the x003 Release (after hold) command but if I hold longer I only get the x001 Hold and no x003 Release (after hold) command. Have you seen this problem and do you know if there is anything you can do about it?


I hadn’t noticed it before but I’m experiencing the same problem, strange that we don’t get an x003 status when you hold down for a very long time.


Currently I have also opened a new issue about this, it may be fixed in the next stable release of deCONZ.

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can you make six independent buttons (with long and double click press) and also add scenes in the actions not only lights

that will then be a completely different blueprint, something that will not be high on my list to pick up at the moment.

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Hello, could you control your curtains with opple?

Yes, I’ve used the following blueprint as a base. I modified the the device model to lumi.remote.b286opcn01 and used different events. I can share if you want, but will be a bit later today as I’m not at my PC

Thanks friend, sorry for the delay in answering, i had lost my account :confused:

Hi, nice work. Does it work with 6 single buttons as well, and 6 lights, where the dimming cycles up and down. I like to have similar behaviour with the KNX Switches we have, where we use the relative dimming for KNX:

A hint how to do this would be OK as well :wink:

I’m looking for some blueprint with the opple switch to control my roller shutters. Any thought?

With some tweaking you might be able to use these: deCONZ - Aqara D1 (1 way) remote for cover

The 6way switch maybe also?

@klaasnicolaas would it possible for you to make the blueprint timeout after 6 seconds and stop the dimming process. Then the user can just start it again (release and hold again) to resume the process. The script is great, well done. With that workaround it could be used, even with this glitch in Deconz. Also, is it possible to make the blueprint usable for 2 and 4 buttons? Either by accepting those buttons as input (and then then user just doesn’t configure the extra buttons) or by making two more cut-down versions?
Great work.

I think it is indeed a good addition to set a timeout there, just have to see how that should be added in the yaml code these days. As for the other button models, I would prefer cut down versions derived from this one.

Nice. Unfortunately I’m not a YAML ninja, so can’t really provide input for that, sorry. I have transitioned to Node-red for my automation requirements.