Deconz connected devices not updating regulary

HI All
I am having an issue with my Deconz Setup with Conbee II. First some background

I purchased my Conbee II over a year ago, and up until about 1 month ago, it was pretty rock solid.
It previously was working fine on my Rpi 3 and also after I moved to a NUC with proxmox and USB passthrough.

However I have noticed lately that some of the temperate devices (All Xiaomi) don’t seen to be updating as often as they previously used to. Sometime the device doesn’t update for over 2 hours, then suddenly its a change in temp. So the graphs look a bit wonky.

The same appears to be my motion detectors (Also Xiaomi) sometimes they are super accurate, and pick up any movement, whilst other times, even if I wave in front of it, it doesn’t activate.

I was previously running a quiet old version on Deconz, and never had a reason to upgrade, as reading some of forums, it seemed to cause issues, however I did eventually update, and whilst it seems ok, I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to be as accurate as previously. Also It doesn’t let me update the firmware from within Deconz, it updates, and says it works, but then when it reloads, it still shows the old version…
Does anyone have any idea of what I can try…I will probably update the firmware on my computer in the next few days.

Also I am wondering if maybe I should look at moving to ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT.

One question I have is can I run say ZHA and Deconz on the same HA instant with both of them accessing the same physical Conbee II stick. Will it cause any issues…

Thanks All

Well. This is weird… Most of my temperature sensors seemed to have stopped as well as my motion sensors,. But my door/windows sensors seems to be fine…as well as the switches I use… This is strange…unless there is some interference occuring… I am quiet annoyed about this . I might upgrade the firmware on the weekend… Also I am thinking of starting again and using zha

I struggled for some time with conbee and xaiomi until:

No issues ever since. Have 30+ xaiomi, motion, buttons, temp, vibration sensors. Iam running version 6.5.0 deconz and 0.117.6 core so about a month of two from current. I have never updated the firmware on the conbee 2 though have read that fixed others issues. I don’t believe you can do that within home assistant.


Thanks for that information. I did think potentially my Wi-Fi or the neighbors Wi-Fi might be interfering
Some updates. So last nights when I wasn’t at home, i was checking my sensors remotely, and noticed a few all seemed to stop around the same time. I remotely restarted deconz, but this didn’t seem to do anything. All the temp sensors (except 2) as well as my motion sensors didn’t appear to be working. Howver when we got home and created motion for the motion sensors, they started to work. Then the temp sensors also started to work.

Very strange, as I said, it’s been rock solid for over 12 months.
They appeared to be working fine overnight and today. So not sure. Will probably still update the firmware over the xmas hols.