Deconz event error with buttons

Hi Guys,

Since update 2021.5.0 i’m getting below error with all my button toggle automations.
The buttons are all Aqara zigbee buttons, but not all my lights and switches are so created automations in HA.

Logger: homeassistant.components.automation.toggle_eethoek
Source: components/automation/
Integration: Automatisering ([documentation](, [issues](
First occurred: 12:27:51 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 12:27:51

Got error 'No deconz_event tied to device "Woonkamerknop" found' when setting up triggers for Toggle "Eethoek" 

For now I fixed it by toggling the automations at restart. Created an automation to do so :laughing:
How can I fix this for the long term?


I have the same problem (with ikea zigbee buttons)…with latest version.
Thanks @Bladian for giving me a workaround :slight_smile:

Update: you can also restart automations, that helps.

Any way to fix this? I still need to restart the automation after if I upgrade homeassistant or restart it.

same issue here.

I have the same problem. Just disabling and enabling the automations after restart solve it, but seems like there should be a better solution.

Hello! Related to this issue Deconz button press triggers malfunction · Issue #71033 · home-assistant/core · GitHub, I talked to other core devs and this is a generic issue in Home Assistant related to start up time of integrations and automations, there is no solution planned ATM.

Well, we better find something fast, because it looks like core devs just removed this workaround in 2022.11 with Smarter reloading of automation & scripts

I need to restart the system each morning, and simply just cannot leave the house to a state where deconz buttons do not work.