Deconz extern

Hi !
I would like to operate my zigbee with the deconz usb stick externally on a raspberry pi. have already done the integration with the phoscon app only the devices are no longer found.


Can you specify your problem? You can’t find the devices in Home Assistant? You’ve installed deconz addon and you told phoscon that Home Assiatant is allowed to fetch informations from the phoscon gateway?

Did you configure the Deconz USB stick on the same machine as home assistant first and moved the stick now to the external raspberry pi or why do you say the devices are no longer found?

I have the stick on an external pi and on another home assistant. the pi was also found and the devices in the home assistant and now, however, no updates on the status of the detected device communicated (are no longer available)

Yes correct

Did you try to remove the integration, restart home assistant and add it again?

currently as if by magic come data