deCONZ finds 'em, loads 'em, but cannot see them in Home Assistant

I have Homeassistant running in docker on an older IBM laptop. Everything kind of works (some permission issues, but that may be another post?). I initially install deCONZ through Configuration Integrations but could not add anything to it. I then went to the add-on store and installed my Conbee II there. It worked fine. I then added a Xiaomi sensor (which was working on my other version of HA on RPi - it was reset) and it showed up fine. In the add-on I can add, see and rename devices including sensors.

However, when I go to Home Assistant and try to find the sensors in Developers Tools - States I cannot see them. I cannot see them as entities or devices either. I then go back to the deCONZ add-on and they are there.

It seems to me (I’m a noob so what do I know) that Home Assistant is accepting the new sensors, but the app I use is being denied the information through docker.

Anyone had this happen to them? Any suggestions on how I can overcome this difficulty? Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.