DeConz - Get key for API access from integration to HassIO plugin fails

So new to deConz and using latest hassio 102.1 and latest 3.8 deConz plugin with a few ZigBee devices working well. On an NUC with Ubuntu if relevant with ConBee. 2.05.71 shows as the deConz software version in Phoscon.

I’m now trying to give an external integration deConz API access and failing. Do I need to enable something different on the Docker image because I’m using non standard ports 50000+ ? Two different controllers can’t get an API key - I have unlocked the gateway by enabling the 60 second access window. I am not convinced these integrations even access deConz on the ip:port/api address. Nothing reported in deConz log.

I am a Docker newbie but in Portainer see no ports enabled in the info and just a ‘host’ network. However from an external PC I can access the web app and VNC on the NUC so it appears network access is OK.

Any suggestions ?

I do not get a 403 or 404 error - actually it shows as 0 which I don’t understand. It shows this if I use a non existent IP address too which makes me think it doesn’t even see deConz.

Hi did you find a solution to this?


I am also interested in this!

Any luck? I’m having the same problem…