Deconz got new gateway address, cannot Authenticate

After an update of the main machine (Synology DS) to a new version, I have issues with the deconz addon. Somehow the gateway of the deconz app got a new IP-address (I can find the new ip address in the VM manager, it is now at and when I enter the new address manually I get the following pop-up:

Link with deCONZ
Unlock your deCONZ gateway to register with Home Assistant.

    Go to deCONZ Settings -> Gateway -> Advanced
    Press "Authenticate app" button

Normally, on a new install, this should go automatically. I cannot go the the Settings → Gateway → Advanced, as the add-on is not installed yet… So now I don’t now how authenticate.

I am running

Home Assistant 2022.8.3 
Supervisor 2022.08.3 
Operating System 8.4 
Frontend 20220802.0 - latest 

How can I make the addon to authenticate?

I finally managed to get it working again. First I made sure that the virtual machine had the same IP address again. Then I could go to the deconz app and go into the advanced settings and clicked on authenticate.

I don’t suppose you could provide more detail. I have the same issues and have no idea how to get in to change the IP.

I am not sure how to do that anymore, I have not done not for a long time. Last time I had an issue, I choose to add a hub in HA during the deconz config. That is an option I had not seen before. Hope this helps.