Deconz-groups renamed after last update

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I updated to the last version some days ago and now all the deconz_groups are re-created and named as the same with _2.

light.zigbee_soverom is now light.zigbee_soverom_2
light.zigbee_stue is now light.zigbee_stue_2
light.zigbee_stue_tak is now light.zigbee_stue_tak_2
light.zigbee_vindfang is now light.zigbee_vindfang_2

Is there an easy fix?

Check the release notes or read the many posts on this topic.

I can’t see anything regarding this in release notes or other topics.

I can only suggest buying some glasses as it’s really there:

And one of the places it’s being discussed is here:

and here:

Okey then :stuck_out_tongue: well, I did the fix in the first thread and it worked

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:+1: glad to hear. Please set the topic to solved as well as it might help others.