DeCONZ help

Hi all,

Just got a deconz conbee and have it plugged into my pi running HASSIO
I can see my xiaomi sensor in the deconz webapp which I get to though the deconz addon in hassio, however i’m having trouble integrating it into HA

When I goto Configure -> Integrations, and select deconz, the pop-up asks for two inputs but has no labels, so I don’t know what info it wants! The second input is pre-populated with ‘80’

Any suggestions on what I need to put in the first field?

This should be the hostname of the computer where the deconz webapp is running, so if I understand your setup correctly, this should be localhost. And the second entry is the port of the deconz webapp which is 80 by default.

Ipaddress of machine hosting deconz and the port assigned to deconz web server

Hmm, I am getting an “couldn’t get an API code” error.

I have been sure to activate the ‘Authenticate App’ feature in the deconz webapp whilst trying.

Any suggestions?

Ok success. The port was different, will this matter?

As long as you have found the correct port, then it shouldn’t matter. Depending on how you installed the deconz webapp you may have configured that port yourself during the installation process, and on the next update of the webapp would need to make sure you’re picking the same port again.