deCONZ - IKEA five button remote for lights

Ok thanks, good idea, will do! I will investigate to find a way to change colour progressively at each press!

So sad for the second point: it’s a default behaviour with the ikea 5 buttons, I was hoping to recreate that :roll_eyes:

Please forgive me, if it’s impolite to mention here, but as color temperature control on left/right button press was requested multiple times here, I feel I should mention that - based on this great blueprint - I wrote a blueprint that can control color temperature (not full rgb color range) for white spectrum and rgb color light entities.

Also note, that there are some differences to this blueprint, for example, it does not feature the convenient target selector so only a single light entity can be controlled.

If you use an entity selector instead of the target selector in this blueprint, you can access that entities rgb_color attribute and probably from that calculate your next rgb color value to set the light entity to in order to achieve a color cycle effect. However, you loose the ability to control multiple entities or areas with one blueprint.


Thanks for the great blueprint!
Just if anybody else has the same problem:
Today my off/on button suddendly stopped working properly. If I turned the lights off, there was a second event which turned them on with brightness: 1 . I fixed it by removing the ’ transition: 1 ’ part of the light.toogle data and now it works again.

Awesome blueprint! Is there a way to assign a different action (such as a scene) to the middle button, instead of the default on/off?

Thanks for this, everything except the main toggle button is working for me.

Deconz sees the event but nothing is triggered when pressing it so I can’t toggle the light with the big button at the moment.

I’ve tried both force and no force but same issue. Can you please point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this?

There is nothing in my logs.