Deconz Intergration IOS Actions

Hi, I’m trying to set up an IOS action so that I can toggle various lights from my phone. I’ve set up the automations and executing them toggles the relevant light however when I add the Action to the IOS app, it toggles about three different lights even though the automation only has one light attached to it? The lights are integrated via Deconz although not the community addon…any help would be appreciated!

Edit, I see there isnt a Deconz addon, thought there was…

I’ve done the same. Automation:

- alias: Mobile Action - Master Light toggle
  id: '1582039967718'
  description: ''
  - event_data:
      actionName: master_light_toggle
    event_type: ios.action_fired
    platform: event
  condition: []
  - data:
      entity_id: light.master_bedroom_lights
      transition: 2
    service: light.toggle

Light bulbs in Deconz, light-group in HA for the 2 bulbs.

Works everytime no problem. Never turns on other lights.

The Deconz add-on is an official addon, not community addon.

That’s so weird, your automation is pretty much the same as mine…

- id: '1584091548986'
  alias: Cubby Light IOS
  description: ''
  - event_data:
      actionName: Cubby Light
    event_type: ios.action_fired
    platform: event
  condition: []
  - device_id: 4fb8fc19401046c285d847bb8d87ab1f
    domain: light
    entity_id: light.cubby_light
    type: toggle

I had an upper case A in action name and changed that to lower, no joy and also tried changing from using light domain to entity id and it’s still turning on three lights! It worked fine before I migrated from Hue…are there any glaring errors with the above, looked at it so many times it all looks the same!

When you turn on light.cubby_light manually it turns on only one light? Do you have any other automations that use this light?

Yep, toggling it in HA just turns that light on and yes a couple of automations, one that turns off all of the lights when there is no one home, the lights are listed separately on this automation rather than a group (I should change this) and another to turn this light on when the sun sets (although this isnt currently active…

Do you have setup other ios notification automations like this one that toggles the other lights?

I do, turning those off has made the cubby light one work in that only the cubby light one turns off! Thanks for this, how would I then have separate ios notification automations controlling different lights?

So I think the problem is your action name, I don’t use Apple devices, but I think the action name needs to be a single string, something like cubby_light. It looks like that currently it triggers on every actionable ios notification.

Can you please show the ios: configuration block in configuration.yaml?

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I don’t have an ios config block in my config yaml, should I put this in? Everything else related to the ios app seems to be integrated fine it seems. I did try changing the action name on one of the other notifications to just bedside and turned it back on but it still triggered the cubby light also but the cubby light automation only triggers the cubby light…really appreciate your help btw!

From the docs I read that you either need to configure it in the ios block or in the app itself. You probably have default_config in your configuration.yaml, which already includes ios.

Yeah I do (default config)…scratching my head with this, I might just recreate all the ios automations to see if that is an issue but I’m thinking the issue is the app as the automation executes in HA as it shouldm it is just the ios app that is causing the issue…

No the issue is not the app, it’s missing configuration. Carefully read the link I provided.

Will give this a read thanks, it was only as i had it working before albeit with hue integration rather than deconz and the fact that some ios notifications are working, it’s just some of the bulb ones that are giving me issues. Also I’m looking at widgets/actions rather than an actionable notifications.