Deconz issue after update to 5.0

After update the deconz add-on to 5.0 my bulbs don’t turn on at the same time. Some bulbs turn on after two-three seconds and some turns on instant after the action. Sure no problem when only turning on or off - but when i dim a groups of light it’s pretty annoying.

Any idea to fix this problem?

Are the lights in a group created in deconz or a group created in home assistant?

Groups are created in Home assistant. In previously version this was no issue.

I don’t know why it’s causing issues now and not before, but I strongly suggest creating your groups in DeCONZ and use these instead of the home assistant created groups.

When you create a group in home assistant for let’s say 5 bulbs and you send a command to turn on the group, it sends 5 requests, whereas when you create a group in deconz with the same bulbs it sends only one request. ZigBee can’t handle lots of requests at the same time and therefore it can lead to delays or even the command not executing at all.

Okey! Is it possible to use a bulb in, for example three, different groups?

I don’t know to be honest. You need to try in Phsocon.