DeConz - issue with Shelly and Home Bridge

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Hello everyone!
I’m new in this world so it’s possible that it’s a silly topic. Sorry in that case!

I’m running the latest home assistant’s version (with supervisor) in a docker container on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I recently bought a Conbee II stick to integrate some zigbee sensors in my HA.
I installed the deConz add-on and it seems to work smoothly, except after the restart of home assistant.
I received an error like this:

Invalid config

The following integraions and platforms could not be set up:

  • zeroconf
  • default_config
  • shelly

Please check your config and logs

I have the shelly integration via HACS: Shellyforhass. After running deConz my Shelly was not recognize from the system and Iwas not be able to use it. I also try to unistall the HACS integration and remove Shelly but I keep to find the Invalid config error.

Also the integration with home bridge stop working (in the log: error setting up entry HASS Bridge xxx for homekit)!

Unexpectedly the zigbee sensor (aqara door/window sensor) is working like a charm.

I know that probably I made some mistakes, but I don’t know where to start to fix them.
This night I’m going to try to flash the home assistant official image (no docker container) to understand if it’s an issue of my docker’s installation.

Have someone deal with the same issue? Any suggestion to overcome this problems?
If you want I could post all the log information but I don’t know if it’s necessary.
Thank you very much for your help.