Deconz keeps losing aqara motion sensors


Recently I have bought a conbee 2 for my home assistant setup and changed my light bulbs from wifi to zigbee. I’m using the deconz integration with the conbee 2 updated to the latest update. The only problem is dat my aqara motion sensors are not updating after a few hours after pairing.

Now when I look in deconz I see that the motion sensors that are pairing to the conbee2 directly are updating but the motion sensors that are connecting to the tradfri lights from the ikea will not update status.

This problem is getting me crazy because i removed all my light switches in the house to go with motion sensors (maybe i should have waited until my setup is stable)

What i have tried is setting zigbee channel to 25, set my wifi channel to 1 and lowered my wifi signal power. Set the server a few meters away from every other electric device. I use a USB extension 0.8m in a usb 2 port.

I’m using ikea tradfri lights (the 1055lm white spectrum ones) with a ikea tradfri repeater and the aqara motion sensors.