Deconz keeps losing Tradfri lights

Hi all.

I have about 40 zigbee Tradfri lights connected thru Deconz.
Every now and then lights get irresponsive and Home assistance marks the lights as unavailable.

In one room I have 10 lights, most of the time they do not react all at the same time.

Anyone a hint what i’m doing wrong?

Best regards from the Netherlands

How do you run Deconz?
Did you update to the latest version? (2.07.01) I had some unreachable devices after the last update.
After re-pairing everything is fine.
In the beginning I had trouble switching on and of Ikea devices because Deconz was to fast
I now do slow down the switching between each device by delaing about 100 ms
(I do use NodeRED for automation)

Hi Canedje.

yes Deconz is updated to the newest version, however I have had this same issue already for some time.

I will try to delay some lights and switch them on and of at an interval. maybe that could solve the switching problem.
I use Node-red as well.

I tend to see also lights just getting unavailable on their own even when not switching at that time.

Best regards

I also have had issues with the Tradfri lights. I only have one, and I really only added it to deconz to act as a router/mesh device. However it is still used occasionally as a bed side lamp
I to notice it drops on the vnc and home assistant. Sometimes a power cycle gets it working, but I ended up removing it from deconz, cause it was too unrealiable.

Another thing is my deconz had been pretty rock sold for over a year, but lately I have noticed a few issues, some of the temp monitors (xiaomi) don’t update as much,

I thought it was because of the Tradfri lights, but it seems to be still happening, even after removing the light completely.

I have the same problem. Running on a Pi4, everthing on the newest firmware.
Have the problem the most with Tradftri, but also with Philipps and Xiaomi. Using Tradftry power plugs, range extender and a bulb. Have the problem on all devices.
Installing an old Backup fro home Assistant does not help.
Sometimes a power off/on helps. But not always.

I have the same problem, from time to time some devices (mixed brands) became unresponsive, they stay on or off depending on the last status.
With Phoscon I can switch on/off but the bulb status doesn’t change, the same problem sending commands with Deconz. Looks like the bulb is ignoring the commands.

Power cycle the bulb doesn’t work, the only option is to wait that gets back to life.
It is not related to a specific brand.

Did delaying help you?

Could this be linked to:


Seems there may be some ZigBee issues floatong around. Have you tried logging the ZigBee integration in Home Assistant to see if there are any error messages? You can enable it by adding the following to your configuration.yaml file:

  default: error
    pydeconz: debug
    homeassistant.components.deconz: debug

It did help fairly well, but did unfortunately not solve all the problems I have.

Thanx for the help!

ZHA is Home Assistant’s built-in Zigbee implementation, deCONZ is a separate implementation :slight_smile:

Ah thank you, I wasn’t fully aware.

Is the entire stack seperate, or are there any common libraries? Just seems odd there are a number of recent thread for ZigBee device having issues.

I’m pretty sure they are quite separate from each other (apart from both deCONZ and ZHA supporting the Raspbee and Conbee devices).