DeCONZ not picking up devices after migration to NUC

Hi all,
I migrated my HA from a RPI 3B to an Intel NUC and restored my back-up. Afterwards I passed through my Conbee II to my VM, and it is picked up by Home Assistant… However all devices I’ve configured in DeCONZ are no longer available.

My IP when logged into deconz is different from pre-login, which is an IP I don’t recognize:
The entire HA VM is exposed to my local network and visible through and everything else works.
I’ve checked the core.config_entries

  "data": {
          "host": "core-deconz",
          "port": 40850,
          "api_key": "8FE2467DF1"
        "disabled_by": null,
        "domain": "deconz",
        "entry_id": "b9b20d78e1fc29dab40f93736f1d4fab",
        "minor_version": 1,
        "options": {
          "master": true

All devices are unavailable in both HA and in the Phoscon environment but I simply can’t figure out what’s going on. Can anyone help me out?

Note: it worked before the migration, on my old RPI3B, and the device was on an extension cord and still is. I’ve removed it as well for testing purposes but to no avail.

To add, see following in the api information:

Edit: after reboot the ipaddress changes incrementally, now at

Have you updated hardware configuration so the conbee gets passed correctly into the add-on?