Deconz not working after migrating to HassOS


I’m running hassio on a Pi3 and recently migrated to the new HassOS. After I recoverd my snapshot my deconz setup would no longer work. I uninstalled the Marthoc addon and re-added his github repository to the addon store. The addon show up in the store but when i click to install it nothing happens. Im I missing something? Could some leftover files from my previous install be blocking the setup?

//BR Emil

Hi @Ulfson,
Please check your System log first. That could help to narrow down the issue.
Furthermore, please add details about your HassOS installation, like which image did you choose?

Lastly, please note that that the Marthoc addon currently doesn’t support the aarch64 platform, which could lead to your described findings. Still, you should find details in the system log.
For reference: