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I am having the same issue as submitted here: Integration: deconz · Issue #78470 · home-assistant/core · GitHub
"Entity sensor.plug_34_consumption from integration deconz has state class total_increasing, but its state is not strictly increasing. Triggered by state 121.42 (121.43)..."

This issue is closed and locked and I cannot find any other mentions of this. So not sure if I should submit a new identical issue. Does anyone know about it?

Happens with Innr SP 120. Currently on HA 2022.12.8 and deCONZ 2.19.03.

Same issue as…?

I can understand why the bug was ignored because it had no context of what is causing it

I am not sue what more context I can provide. It is a consumption sensor from a smart plug in deCONZ. For some reason it decreases sometimes. I have only seen this warning recently. Maybe it is more appropriate for the deconz api itself.


could you let us know what is this change:

The pull request has no information that I can find. Is there some extra functionality exposed to HA as a result of this change?

Hi - I have the exact same problem - every now and the I have the too many tasks situation, and then all tasks go into en endless wait status - did you ever solve this?

It simply means that you can configure automations to trigger on device triggers for the hue wall switch rather than manually specifying what events you want trigger the automation

It was solved partly with a new version of deconz, but I made an automation that did a restart of deconz if data from a sensor was not received for some time. I dont have this automation anymore as I have switched over to zigbee2mqtt.

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anyone update deconz addon? seems my motion sensors stay in motion detected state?

Yep updated, no issue.
Now ,I’m having even new devices recognize :slight_smile:

Bump… any reason I keep getting these in my logging:

Logger: pydeconz.models.light.light
Source: components/deconz/
First occurred: 14:24:45 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 14:24:45

Unexpected light effect type 1


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The effect value is reported wrong from deconz side so it should be resolved there.

How and where?

Hi, since update to 6.18.0 addon (Bump deCONZ to 2.20.1) my deconz stops working frequently. restarting the addon fixes it. Whats wrong?

Report it on deconz github. I think the template defines what information you should provide

Hello all!

Another month and another release of Home Assistant so here comes another release log on Phoscon forum for the HA deCONZ integration

Here are the changes coming with Home Assistant 2023.2.0

Not too many pull requests from me this month as I’m changing roles at work and my focus is mostly on reworking the UniFi integration and the rework is pretty close to completion. I see a lot of good possibilities to put back into deCONZ integration that will help continue refining the integration.

I’ve gotten requests to buy me a coffee, I’m on Github Sponsors if you appreciate my work.



For feature requests of the integration post an issue at pydeconz github


Just wanted to share here that all my problems with daily Deconz failures has been fixed with the last update it seems. I’m very delighted! Thank you Robban for forwarding our problems.

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Thank you for using it. I have a hard time realising I have users of code I’ve written :sweat_smile:

Do you know why all lights disappear, after a core update ? Sensor and switches is ok

I have to search lights again, and it will work again


Good morning all,

Just to know if this is the case for others out just me,
I recently bought power plug Aubess , especially to have current and power consumption monitoring.
But when I paired them with deconz (on HA 2023.1.5), only the plug state and control showed up nothing more.
When I did the same on my other zigbee coordinator on ZHA, I had all entities were accessible.

Is it just that this plug is not fully compatible with deconz? Or would I have a mistake elsewhere.?
Thanks a lot

guys, alreade since a few months, i always see this below upon restarting HA, what can be the cause?

2023-02-05 10:24:02.712 WARNING (MainThread) [pydeconz.models] Unsupported device type Unknown

here is diagfile:

related to?

      "9": {
        "etag": "4ec6f336e50715e81303f1f450346203",
        "hascolor": false,
        "lastannounced": null,
        "lastseen": "2023-02-05T09:23Z",
        "manufacturername": "dresden elektronik",
        "modelid": "ConBee",
        "name": "Conbee",
        "state": {
          "reachable": true
        "swversion": "0x26390500",
        "type": "Unknown",
        "uniqueid": "00:21:2e:ff:ff:02:a4:80-01"