deConz / Old web interface


I am running deConz on a VM with HassOS core-2021.12.10

I have installed the deConz add-on, and I was told by someone, that “grouping” an IKEA remote directly with bulbs should be possible through the old web interface accessible via the help menu in Phoscon…

But when I try to launch that interface, a new browser tab opens, where I for a short moment can see the menu bar of the old WebUI - and then I am presented with the Phoscon-GW selection screen…

Is the old WebUI not available when running the deConz/Phoscon add-on like this ?


That’s what I was looking for too. Here’s the solution:

Check the Ports in Home Assistant > Settings > Add-Ons > deCONZ > Configuration > First Port field. Default = 40850

Then type in this address into your browser: IP:40850/pwa
Login to Phoscon → help → Old WebUI :slight_smile:

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